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Dr. Dawn M. Romano All-Ways Learning Child Counseling, Educational Consultation, LD Tutoring
Tutoring Plus Counseling

 At All-Ways Learning, Dr. Romano addresses both the academic and emotional needs of chidlren who are strugling in school by combining tutoring and counseling. Dyslexia, learning disabilities, and school difficulties often lead to emotional difficutlities such as school anxiety and depression. At All-Ways Learning, we know that difficulties in one area of a child's life can spill over into other areas. Many children experiencing school difficulties become frustrated, sad, angry, or withdrawn at school and home. A child's school difficulties can impact all members of the family. Homework and study time can become a nightmare. Quality family time can disappear. Getting ready for school in the morning frequently includes arguments, outbursts, and tears. Not knowing where to turn, parents often blame the child, the school, or each other. 

Dr. Romano has over 25 years expeience as a teacher, school counselor, and director of counseling and spedcial education.  Additionally, Dr. Romano is the mother of a grown child with learning disabilities, and has experienced these frustrations firsthand. She knows the feeling of "not knowing where to turn" or "what else" to do. Now, as a licensed professional counselor, a certified teacher, a counselor educator, and a former school counselor and administrator,  Dr. Romano is uniquely qualified to help ease the way for you and your child. Dr. Romano will work with you, your child, and your child's school to develop and monitor a customized plan to help your child find success in school. She will support you, advocate for you, and empower you in your efforts to obtain a quality education for your child.   

Customized Approach 
We start with the understanding that every child is unique, and that the way each child learns is also unique. 
We begin our work with a detailed learning style assessment, input from parents and teachers, classroom observations, and academic records. Our services include ongoing communication with your child's teachers, and ongoing monitoring of your child's progress. You know your child better than anyone else and your input is primary to us. Together we will find the unique solution to your child's learning barriers. From our consultation with you, your child, and your child’s teachers, we develop integrative and personalized learning strategies which are designed to provide academic and behavioral success, enhance self-confidence, and reduce anxiety. Academic assistance, home/school communication liaison, and student mentoring are provided as needed in each individual case.  Our goal is to provide a nurturing and caring environment with support and respect for the child every step of the way.

Safety Net
We develop an assistance team that is responsible for supporting you as a parent in facing the barriers to your child's learning at the school site. Neither you nor your child will ever have to face the struggles at school alone again. We are your support system. We will design an individual communication plan that fits your schedule. Prevention and communication is the key. Minor problems no longer have to become major problems before your child receives help. Together, we will find a way for your child to achieve success.